What motivated me to design heat bags?

How is all started

My background is in Textiles and design, having studied at University and taught in high schools for some years.  In consultation with a team of Clinical Myotherapists’, we found there was a gap in the market for functional heat therapy products. Sure heat bags were available and had been for years, however we saw a need based on patient feedback and various medical conditions that benefited from heat therapy applied in a more consistent fashion. So I took up the challenge to design a range of products that would reliably and naturally provide pain relief for a variety of conditions, while complimenting Myotherapy treatment.

My parents often used heat therapy so I designed my first heat bag for my mother’s arthritic joints, particularly her hands. There was nothing available that was light weight and contoured to fit comfortably for arthritis sufferers, particularly for the hand, so I made my first product initially using wheat. However, after researching alternative fillings, I changed to lupins which are lighter in weight, cleaner and take less time to heat, than wheat. Lupins also do not have the residual odour that emanates from wheat as it ages.

I then went on to design more products to broaden the range. By talking to people and understanding their needs the range grew and I started to frequent markets to showcase my unique products. My range is designed based on my client’s feedback and working closely with the team of Clinical Myotherapists, to ensure the end product will be of benefit to the customer. I now supply a number of Physiotherapy and Natural Medicine Clinics throughout Melbourne.

10 reasons to choose us

  1. We use whole lupins (filling) in all our heat bag therapy products, not wheat. Lupins are lighter in weight and produce less dust than wheat. They are also quicker to heat and don’t have that unpleasant residual odour.
  2. Hand made in Australia using locally sourced materials (where-ever possible)
  3. Designed in consultation with a team of Clinical Myotherapists
  4. Contoured designs for maximum heat therapy and coverage to all joints
  5. Great returns policy because we care about your purchasing experience
  6. Only use 100% cotton wide-whale corduroy fabric (for heat bags) for durability and comfort, which is triple stitched to make sure it lasts
  7. Coolie Bags are filled with non-toxic water absorbent crystals to ensure user safety and made with 100% cotton woven fabric made in Melbourne.
  8. Weighted Blankets are filled with quality plastic pellets so that they are fully washable.
  9. All dyes are natural because we care about the environment
  10. We also make to order, so if you have a special requirement we would love to hear from you